I am not an attendee; I am part of a family

The church belongs to God

  • The church is a living organism and a functioning body
  • We are a church without walls a community establishing connections beyond itself
  • God extends his kingdom through the church

Devotion to God defines our whole lives

  • We are passionate to love God more and become more like Jesus
  • We are formed by the Spirit, through the Bible, in worship, in prayer and through one another

Relationships are key

  • We are members of one diverse family
  • We love people deeply and walk the talk
  • We prize humility (serving others), honesty (keeping it real) and generosity (sacrificially giving of what we have)

Our faith is growing

  • It’s a tenacious faith: we are not giving up or giving in!
  • We dare to adventure and live out of the comfort zone